Xml Stock
Last Modified: January 10, 2024 19:04 CEST

XML Stock #

The XML file with the stock figures can be used for inbound and outbound processing. Outbound, for example, to transfer the new stocks from the ERP system to a sales platform and inbound to transfer the stock from an external warehouse such as that of a logistics provider.

In the simplest case, the XML node LAGER only has the field BESTANDVERFUEGBAR, which is the absolute stock. In addition, there are the fields BESTANDVERFUEGBAR1 and BESTANDVERFUEGBAR2, which on the one hand contain the order lead time or, with the second, also take into account the goods ordered from the upstream supplier.

The structure is a subset of the XML description of a article master data. The field descriptions are natively in German. There is an alphabetical field description in the glossary.