Last Modified: June 3, 2023 08:10 CEST

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titled “General”, serves as a comprehensive guide to the PowerShell library, EulandaConnect. It encompasses a variety of resources including a Readme file detailing general information, a welcome page, and an overview of the module’s functionality. Furthermore, you’ll find a dedicated page listing updates and changes, as well as a discussion on licensing terms.

EulandaConnect is an open-source function library specifically designed for PowerShell. The majority of its functions operate independently without the need for other modules or programs. However, some functions are integrated to work seamlessly with the Eulanda inventory management system, while a few others utilize an SFTP library.

Whether you’re a programmer delving deep into PowerShell or an enthusiast seeking to understand its intricacies, this section is your essential handbook. Through its structured and comprehensive content, it provides you with a robust understanding of EulandaConnect’s capabilities and functionalities.